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Crafting Content That Generates Revenue

I deliver the content that boosts your ROI

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Books Written

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Introduction to R

Effective decisions are in dire need in business. And adopting analytics has been fulfilling this need. Business Analytics and researcher have R language as first choice. How and Why? I have covered all aspects of this client's project. Check out its one part to assess ebook writing skills.

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Enterprise Computing Architecture

Do you know, well-researched and in-depth content must be considered while writing the whitepaper or any technical content? I have followed the same while writing this technical write-up based on technologies. Check out to know more.


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The Writer's Mindset

The featured article highlights about writer's mindset which is a foundation to succeed in writing.

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AI Writing: Is it Good or Bad for Digital Writers?

Exploring the dichotomy of AI writing. It is a double-edged sword for digital writers. Read full article to end up the debate over the fact that an artificial intelligence is a boon or a curse in the field of digital content creation.

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How Well Do You Know The Three Main Aspects Of A Growth Mindset

Discover the depths of a growth mindset in our latest article. Test your knowledge of his three key aspects that drive personal and professional development. Check out this article to find the top three aspects of a growth mindsets.

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What’s The Difference Between a CV and a Resume? A Guide with Examples for IT Professionals

Do you understand the nuances of IT applications? Understand the difference between a CV and a resume with this comprehensive, example-rich guide for IT professionals who want to create impactful career documents.

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Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic

Space tourism: No one has thought about it but it is happening. In this article, I have covered the story of Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic spaceship.

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Quantum Computing’s disruption in Finance Industry

Quantum computers: A demand in every sector especially in finance. Read the article to find how Quantum computer has been bringing disruption in the finance industry.

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Market Actors
Who Shapes The Cryptocurrency Market?

This word is taking attention not only from business people but political groups also. Read the article where I have covered four market actors shaping the cryptocurrency market and why it is becoming the centre of attention to understand it.

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Cognitive Enterprise
Reinvest Your Company?

Cognitive computing’s ability to “Mimic human behaviours” has been increasing its demand in enterprises. But how it is happening and its benefits in business. To understand its depth, read the article.

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5 Teaching Lessons You Can Use In Your Guiding Career

Explore five transformative strategies to enhance your skills and create impactful learning experiences for those you guide. Read the full article below to enhance your guiding career.


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